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ZooNation Co-Executive Director Sri Sarker to step down after seven years

ZooNation Co-Executive Director Sri Sarker to step down after seven years

Joining ZooNation in 2016, Sri has been the driving force behind ZooNation’s growth, success and longevity. Most significantly in 2018 Sri’s inspirational leadership established ZooNation as a charity and a National Portfolio Organisation (NPO). Since then, ZooNation has engaged with more artists, audiences and young people than ever, and has secured NPO funding for the third round under her unwavering dedication and direction.

Last year the company celebrated it’s 20th Anniversary with Sri securing further partnerships and establishing several new talent development programmes, bolstering ZooNation’s future and mission as groundbreaking theatre makers nurturing the next generation. She leaves the ZooNation team with our utmost appreciation and admiration. Her unflappable energy, attitude and guidance will be hugely missed.

Kate says
“I can’t begin to express how much I have appreciated Sri’s time with ZooNation. We owe so much to her for our growth over the past seven years. She will be missed both as a colleague and as a powerful voice of wisdom and good humour. Whatever Sri does next and whoever she chooses to work with will benefit incredibly by her presence”. 

Sri says
“Working with and for ZooNation will forever stand as a career highlight. Zoo’s work holds a special place in my heart and the colleagues I leave behind have inspired, supported and taught me so much which I will take forward into my next adventure. Thank you to all those within and beyond Zoo who have played a part in supporting me to steward this wonderful vibrant organisation. Onwards”

Image credit: ZooNation at the Olivier Awards 2023,
Front left: Sri Sarker, Front right: Chantal Spiteri, Back left: Dannielle ‘Rhimes’ Lecointe, Centre: Sandra Castell Garcia, Back right: Hannah Khemoh

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