Thanks so much for sending such an amazing group! They were an absolute pleasure to work with.

Huge thanks to Jack and yourself for organising such a fun class! Ellie and the other 17 of us had an absolute ball! Jack was super fun and made the class really enjoyable! Thank you so so much for making the day really special for Ellie she loved it!

Your dancers were totally brilliant, fantastically rehearsed, tight, spot on and a phenomenal way to open the show. A HUGE thank you to everyone for such a professional job and for being so easy to work with.

The workshop went well, thank you! Shaun and Mikey had a great rapport with the students and pushed and challenged them. We loved having them here.

Workshop was great, what a lovely lady she is. The level was really good and everyone enjoyed it, I will definitely be back to in the future.


I would like to express my gratitude for ZooNation dance company deliverance of an aspiring GCSE dance workshop to 25 year 9 students as ever the ZooNation representative was punctual, professional and the dance material delivered was both accessible and challenging for the students. Tali had clearly worked with young people before and used tried and tested strategies to relieve their worries and enable them to engage fully with the workshop. many of the students have discussed taking dance at GCSE level a testimony to the workshop delivered.

Please do not underestimate the effect that you have had on both our staff and our members. It has been amazing to have you around and you will be sorely missed. Your positivity and continual willingness to be a team player is personally massively appreciated by me. I cannot thank you and ZooNation enough for taking a shot with us and allowing us the opportunity of working with such a fantastic organisation.