Creative Assistants

Our Creative Assistants scheme provides paid experience, training, employment and mentoring for up to four young creatives who wish to develop their dance development and teaching skills.

About the programme

This programme seeks to support artists who wish to develop their experience and skill in delivering dance in learning and participatory contexts. 

During their time as Creative Assistants, the selected artists benefit from:

  • Free training sessions with ZooNation Producer and Lead Artists covering topics such as ‘how to navigate the industry’, ‘how to nurture and hone your creativity in different contexts’ and safeguarding.

  • Time with a dedicated Mentor from ZooNation who works with them to build their ability and confidence in delivering in these contexts.

  • A minimum of 15 hours paid employment delivering participatory or learning work on behalf of ZooNation.

  • Option to join ZooNation’s pool of freelance teachers to gain onward employment through ZooNation.


“Being on the programme has opened my eyes as a teacher and an assistant because there’s so many aspects of things you learn once you’re in the room, which is different from what I’m used to but it’s great planning different sessions and preparing for different types of sessions. Working with different age groups also helps my teaching methods and helps me develop my understanding of satisfying the people I’m teaching. Working with kids also brings a smile to my face because I’m happy to teach the next generation. I love the programme, I’m enjoying myself a lot and I’m really happy that I get to see and learn from the other side in terms of being a teacher because I’m so used to being the student. It’s a pleasure being on this programme”

– William Pascua, Creative Assistant