ZooNation Academy of Dance

ZooNation Academy of Dance is the 'not for profit' education arm of ZooNation: The Kate Prince Company. It was founded in 2008 out of a desire for the company to work with young people. Dance has the ability to motivate and inspire in a powerful way and the students at ZAD are an extraordinary example of the positive impact dance can have.

ZooNation Academy of Dance is a place where young people (Ages 4 – 21) of all abilities and backgrounds come together to build relationships and develop their skills through the shared love and passion for dance and music. We specialise in teaching dance styles that originated from, and have been influenced by Hip Hop Culture including Breakin’, House, Groove, Waacking, Krump and the Funk Styles of Popping and Locking.

At ZAD we aim to provide a professional, safe, friendly, and relaxed environment in which young people can feel challenged and encouraged to fulfil their potential as both people and performers.

Now with over 250 students, we believe training at ZAD really is amongst the best in the U.K.


Our classes cover a wide range of Street, Funk and Hip Hop styles including Popping, Locking, Old Skool, Nu Skool, Breakin’ and House. Each teacher will introduce you to their individual style and help build up your skills to become a more versatile dancer.

We also limit the number of students in each class as we believe this allows the teachers to have a real sense of each individual and their own personal development. That, together with classes being streamed by ability rather than age, allows every member of ZAD to feel counted and important.


Members of ZAD are frequently considered for professional work. Current and former students have taken part in TV commercials, music videos and West End productions.

The students at ZooNation Academy of Dance also work towards their own end of year Christmas show, giving them an opportunity not only to train but to perform. There is a yearly opportunity to audition for our performing youth company, ZooNation Youth Company (ZYC).

How to join

If you are interested in joining a class please contact zad@zoonation.co.uk .