Who can attend ZAD?

 4 – 21 Year Olds.

How will the class level be decided?

Our experienced teachers will make the decision after spending the initial free trial/assessment class with them.

Are students moved about the classes and do they have chance to move up the levels?

Yes. Classes are streamed at the beginning of each new term, giving each student a chance to be moved to a different level of class. In addition to this, classes are regularly monitored and any student we feel should be in a different level are moved throughout the term. This is always at the discretion of the teacher(s).

Can I leave my child and return at the end of the class?

Yes. In addition to the teachers on site, there is always a School Manager present. They will always have the ‘in case of emergency’ contact numbers for every member of the school.

Do the students receive breaks throughout the classes?

Yes. Teachers will always allocate a supervised 5-10 minute break throughout the session allowing time to get snacks and drinks.

Are there any snacks or drinks served at the school?

No. Students should bring their own snacks and drinks for the classes.  We always recommend water as the best way to stay hydrated throughout.

What should students wear?

Anything that is comfortable.  Trainers (outdoor shoes are permitted), tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts are the best combination.


Is there any merchandise/uniform to buy?

We do not make it compulsory to have a uniform. However, we do require a t-shirt to be bought for each annual Christmas Show.

Are the fees payable in advance?

Yes. Cash or cheques made payable to ZooNation Academy of Dance Ltd are accepted.  We do not have the facility for card payments at the school.

Can I pay online?

You can pay by BACs to the details below:

ZooNation Academy of Dance Ltd, Barclays, sort 20-44-86, A/C 53419975

How many students are in each class and is there a limit?

30 students per class for Under 8s, Beginners and Intermediate 1 is the limit and 40 students for Intermediate 2, 3 and advanced. We supply a teacher assistant for the larger sized classes, to ensure every student still receives the right amount of attention. Please see Saturday Academy page on details of classes that are currently full.

Are the teachers members of ZooNation Dance Company?

Most of the teachers at ZAD will have performed for ZooNation at some point.  All of the teachers, however, will have had professional performance experience, which we believe adds to their teaching skills and is what makes ZAD truly unique.

Teachers will have been seen in The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Some Like it Hip Hop, Into the Hoods, Pied Piper, StreetDance 3D:The Movie, So You Think You Can Dance, as well as dancing for many different artists including Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Amerie, Kylie Minogue and Cheryl Cole.

Do the same teachers teach each week?

For the Under 8s class and beginners classes we have the same teacher each week as we believe it is important to lay a strong foundation and consistency plays a major part in doing this.

For the rest of the levels, teachers rotate each week so students are given a chance to learn a wide range of styles.

All teachers are DBS checked and have a wealth of both performance and teaching experience.

Are the classes just Street, Funk and Hip Hop styles or are any other styles covered?

Just Street, Funk and Hip Hop styles.  However, this covers a wide range of styles from locking and popping to nu skool, house and break dance. All these elements are taught at ZAD.

Does the school work toward any performances?

Yes. We have an annual Christmas show that the whole school will take part in, and work toward from September – December.

Does ZooNation hold any holiday workshops?

Yes. We run a Summer Academy each year. This is a week long intensive course held in Central London with a short showcase of the work learnt during the week for friends and family. Please see the Summer Academy page for more information.