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ZooNation: Unplugged

After creating the show Some Like It Hip Hop, which had an original score played on a backing track but with the element of live singing, ZooNation: The Kate Prince Company wanted to find an opportunity to take another step further into the realm of live music, and to create work with a full live band. Thanks to Sadler’s Wells and the Arts Council England, ZooNation: Unplugged was made possible.

The idea was originally inspired by the TV series MTV: Unplugged, where artists like Jay Z and Lauryn Hill performed stripped back live acoustic versions of their songs. Under the musical direction of DJ Walde, ZooNation: Unplugged was a musical collection of acoustic covers of songs from the past 50 years and features dancers from both ZooNation: The Kate Prince Company and ZooNation Youth Company (ZYC). Whilst some of the dance pieces were brand new and had been created for the evening, there were also many that were selected from previous shows including Some Like It Hip Hop, Into the Hoods, Groove on Down the Road, So You Think You Can Dance, and various Breakin’ Conventions.