Young Artists Training Scheme

A paid professional development programme for up to three young professional dancers at the start of their career

About the programme

Unique to ZooNation, the scheme is an individualised approach to early professional development that focuses on a broad range of dance skills and techniques, performances skills, storytelling, and the opportunity to be fully immersed in the creation and rehearsal process of a ZooNation production.

A paid professional development programme for upto three young professional dancers at the start of their career, the Young Artist Training Scheme provides sustained learning, development, and exposure to the process of creating a production for stage. 

Selected artists are invited to join ZooNation’s professional cast for the duration of the production’s rehearsal time allowing them to immerse themselves in a real-life experience of the demands of working for a professional company creating and staging a production.

Benefits for Selected artists include:

– intensive dance training (joining company warm up and rehearsals every day)
– gaining a mentor from the performing company
– access to skills development sessions with the show producers 
– real time insight into the professional and creative process of creating a mainstage show

Our Young Artists Training scheme has been successfully delivered alongside ‘Message in a Bottle’, ‘Some Like It Hip Hop’, ‘Mixtape, and ‘Sylvia’ and we aim to include this scheme alongside all our mainstage production in the future. 


I was able to consider the effort it takes to find the expansion in movement through the rehearsal period. To begin with, I was focused on the content and learning of material and considered the storytelling later once I was comfortable with the choreography I could elaborate on the narrative and my character within the story. The experience was tiring but I was comforted that the cast felt the same way.

This was a unique experience, so I gained some understanding on running rehearsal and what it is like to be in rehearsal. The cast and production team have been so welcoming. Overall, it has been a really wholesome experience!

– D’jon McTernan